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Brenda Van Schaijk, Senior Product Manager Women’s Health

Our company thanks its success to its talented employees. Each of them contributes, in his or her own way. Without their dedication and perseverance, Bayer would not be the strong Life Science Company that it is today.


On this page you can read the stories of a few of our employees. 

Overview of all stories

As an employer, Bayer endeavors to appeal to the best and most talented people with the Passion to Innovate and the Power to Change.  We provide global development opportunities, a modern working environment and a competitive compensation and benefits package.


Read for yourself what some of our employees are saying about their experiences working at Bayer.

Brenda van Schaijk,

Senior Product Manager Women’s Health

Cindy Lemaen,

Executive Officer & Financial Analyst

Fred Sievers,

Medewerker logistiek & standenbouw

Jelmer de Vries,

Purchase Officer

Marc Sneyders,

Sustainable Operations Manager

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