Cindy Lemaen, Executive Officer & Financial Analyst

A friendly team of specialists




Executive Officer & Financial Analyst



Crop Science in Diegem (Belgium)


At Bayer since?


What does your typical working day look like?

“I have a double position: variation guaranteed! As Executive Officer, I assist Carsten Dauster, General Manager of Crop Science in the Benelux. I plan meetings, send communications to the Crop Science colleagues, deal with contracts and the reception of new colleagues, function as a contact person for various projects, and so on. In my role as Financial Analyst, I focus on personnel cost budgets and forecasts. Each day is different, and that makes it so fascinating.”

How did you end up at Bayer?

"Actually, Bayer itself invited me for an interview. The company asked for lists of recent graduates from the university colleges. They were looking for two new colleagues for the Finance & Accounting department. And I was one of the lucky ones! After four years I dared to change over to our HR department, where I’ve worked for 8 years with great pleasure in a variety of positions. In 2009, I moved to the business side and I arrived at my current position in Crop Science."

What´s so great about working at Bayer?

“The friendly atmosphere amongst the colleagues makes every working day a joy. Everyone has respect for one another. Bayer encourages you to develop yourself and stimulates you to update your knowledge and expand your experience. Moreover, we get the freedom and responsibility to plan and organise our tasks ourselves.”

How do you see ´Passion to innovate | Power to change´?

"Bayer´s strength is that we couple this collegial spirit with very solid professional knowledge. We are a close-knit team of specialists. What typifies my colleagues is that they are open to learning new things, in order to achieve their goals, to meet new people and above all to work together constructively. Being open for change is not only very enriching, but also creates unprecedented added value."

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