Fred Sievers, Employee logistics & stand construction

Always be open for new challenges




Employee logistics & stand construction



Bayer, Mijdrecht


At Bayer since?


What does your typical working day look like?

"As a stand builder, I have a highly varied job. I build the stands for the most part all by myself. I like making something special out of them, for example with fresh flowers and curved walls. And after all the preparatory work comes the moment of truth: the meticulous assembly on the trade show floor. So it´s not a 9-to-5 job, but that´s exactly what I like about it.”

How did you end up at Bayer?

"Someone I knew at Schering AG saw in me the perfect warehouse manager. But after the merger with Bayer the entire warehouse department moved to Diegem. For me, that was the beginning of a new career as a jack-of-all-trades in the office buildings in Mijdrecht. And creating trade show stands also became my responsibility. Gradually I developed the stand construction department into what it is today."

What´s so great about working at Bayer?

“I love the freedom I have. My manager lets me give free rein to my creativity. I come up with a concept for a new stand on my own, present it and work out all the details. The beautiful thing is that in this way I can give a great deal of myself and that these efforts are appreciated."

How do you see ´Passion to innovate | Power to change´?

"For me that means: always be open for new challenges. And that suits me perfectly. I do by myself things that other companies would need an external team for: that demonstrates what Bayer is capable of. The point is not to get set in your ways. Because, even though I´m 57, I want to keep renewing myself every day.”

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