Jelmer de Vries, Purchase Officer

Stay in constant motion




Purchase Officer



Medical Care, Maastricht


At Bayer since?


What does your typical working day look like?

"I function as a link between Bayer employees who need to have something and our suppliers. For this I’m always looking for the best deals for e.g. office supplies, IT equipment or tools. I also make sure that all the material is on hand for events and that consultants are brought in in good time. So a wide range of activities, but that´s what makes the position so fun and challenging.”

How did you end up at Bayer?

“In mid-2014 an external agency helped me get a consultancy assignment at Bayer Medical Care. I enjoyed it a lot, and when a full-time job opened up, I jumped at the chance. And so in March 2015 I signed my contract as Purchase Officer."

What´s so great about working at Bayer?

“Along with the day-to-day activities, at Bayer you get the room to participate in different projects. For example, as Purchase Officer I was closely involved in the Bayer Medical Care moving project. Currently I´m working on a large-scale automation project for ordering office supplies. By taking part in these kinds of projects, you quickly build up a broad network and a large fund of knowledge.”

How do you see ´Passion to innovate | Power to change´?

“I find it important to stay in constant motion and to realise new possibilities in my job every day. To achieve change, you have to be a change champion: someone who passionately and positively embraces change. And then transmits that to your colleagues, so that you create a domino effect. I firmly believe in Gandhi´s exhortation: “Be the change that you want to see”.”

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