Brenda van Schaijk, Senior Product Manager Women’s Health

Develop yourself, all the way to abroad




Senior Product Manager Women’s Health



Pharmaceuticals, Mijdrecht


At Bayer since?


What does your typical working day look like?

"It´s my job to translate our international product strategy to the Dutch market. On this basis I develop the product sales, define and monitor the budgets and propose adaptations. The marketing of our new products is also part of my job responsibilities. In addition, I also coordinate our product team, negotiate with opinion leaders, organise symposia and much more. So I don´t actually have a "typical" working day at all.”

How did you end up at Bayer?

“Via a very attractive job notice for Junior Product Manager Hematology & Cardiology. Then over the years I moved up, first within Hematology and later to manager of our Women´s Health portfolio.”

What´s so great about working at Bayer?

“Nowhere else will you find so many possibilities for self-development. After just half a year at Bayer I already received, as Product Manager, full responsibility for a major drug. And alongside my regular job I also get to carry out brief assignments abroad. For example, I’ve already worked in the US and at the headquarters in Berlin. Thanks to these projects, I could also contribute to thinking about product strategies on the global level. Challenging, but highly instructive!”

How do you see ´Passion to innovate | Power to change´?

"As a marketeer, I have a passion for coming up with new projects and alternative market approaches. Out of the box thinking, something that Bayer genuinely encourages, is absolutely my thing. When these actions draw attention and actually work, of course, it´s all the better! In addition, I also see ´change´ as the continuous acquisition of new knowledge. Therefore each year I organise an event in order to share experiences and exchange knowledge with colleagues from other markets. Taking a peek into the kitchen of your colleagues isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s also extremely useful.”

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