Marc Sneyders, Sustainable Operations Manager

An essential contribution for sustainable and competitive agriculture




Sustainable Operations Manager



Crop Science, Diegem


At Bayer since?


What does your typical working day look like?

"Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve been responsible for the new Sustainable Operations department, which strives to position Crop Science as a leader in sustainable agriculture and create added value for the entire chain. We inform the market about the optimal and safe use of our products, study new technologies such as digital farmingand set up partnerships with local and European stakeholders and opinion makers, in the educational field, amongst farmers and distributors, NGOs and consumers and so on.”

How did you end up at Bayer?

“My whole career has revolved around crop protection. I first gave technical information courses. Then I moved up to Product and Cultivation Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Market Development Manager, Marketing Manager and now my current position. I started at Bayer in 1998 in order to reinforce our direct presence on the market and with the distribution sector. And I'm still working on that today, albeit from a new role.”

What´s so great about working at Bayer?

“The colleagues and company culture make it a pleasure to work at Bayer. We’re close to the market and get the freedom to adapt our strategy to the needs of the market and continue to develop our position. The flexibility and the opportunities to develop ourselves and the business are also significant advantages. Thanks to our solid position, we can help lead agriculture in Belgium to a more promising future.”

How do you see ´Passion to innovate | Power to change´?

“Within Bayer´s strong structure we’re able to develop new ideas that bring about real change. Our employer lets us develop and test out innovative concepts, for products, market approaches and business processes. In this way we can make an essential contribution to sustainable and competitive agriculture in Belgium."

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