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“Passion to innovate | Power to change” expresses what someone who works or wants to work for Bayer can expect and what characterizes us as an employer. But what does Bayer have to do with fish? Or with gigantic science-fiction-like trees? You will find the answers in the stories below. They will help you understand the message behind the pictures and how they are related to our values.

David against Goliath


David against Goliath

Why did we choose a picture of a school of fish for our employer brand? The story behind this picture shows how dedication can improve the lives of many people. And that is exactly where it connects to us and our employer brand.


The fish in the picture are not just any fish. They are around 5,000 bigeye trevally, photographed by marine biologist Octavio Aburto in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. The spectacular image shows a mating ritual where the fish swarm in a tornado-like formation from the ocean bed to the surface. This ritual would attract fishermen who would come and catch the fish in huge numbers - which was not beneficial for the fish population. The people living around the bay dedicated themselves to turning Cabo Pulmo into a national marine park with strict fishing rules, going up against the economic thinking of the tourism industry and major fisheries. And they succeeded. Or how David manages to conquer Goliath - with a lot of dedication.

Singapore's Supertrees

What does Bayer have to do with futuristic trees that look like they were used for a science fiction movie? Well, "Supertrees" of Singapore are an excellent example of "Passion to innovate".

These gigantic steel sequoias can be found in the heart of  Singapore, nestled between skyscrapers and the sea. They are not only beautiful vertical gardens with exotic orchids, ferns and bromeliads, they're also examples of technological ingenuity. The Supertrees collect rain water to use for watering the plants they house, measure the temperature, absorb heat and, if necessary, radiate it. A number of the trees is also equipped with solar panels.

A smart solution that offers a new answer for the environmental issues Singapore is faced with.

Sky-high vegetables

Sky-high vegetables

Do you want to know how this pretty garden on top of a skyscraper is connected to Bayer? Rooftop gardens are an easily realisable sustainability project for cities, but also for companies like Bayer.

Where once the eye saw only grey tar and rundown brick buildings, today, in many cities, wildflowers and vegetables thrive. At the same time, these green roofs are extremely useful: they offer cooling on hot days, protect sewer systems after heavy rains, produce oxygen, filter the air and provide a habitat for insects and animals. 

A clever way to optimally make use of the available space, that Bayer also applies on a number of its international sites.

Bringing light into darkness

Bringing light into darkness

What do northern lights have to do with Bayer? To get a picture like our employer brand photo you have to be willing to strike out into unexplored territory.

As an innovative company, we aim to improve living conditions around the world through our research. And, very often, the work of our researchers is like the expeditions of the pioneers, forging a path into previously uncharted regions.

Rice for a hungry planet

Rice for a hungry planet

Why did we choose this picture of two people walking through rise terraces for our employer brand? Rice is an important food source for a large part of humanity and Bayer helps the farmers to increase their harvest.


Our experts are working on innovative growing methods to protect seeds and crops. They are also developing new crop varieties to better suit the climatic conditions in different regions. And they are training farmers and providing them with access to knowledge and new technologies. In this way, the company is supporting farmers to increase their yield, improve the quality of their crop and at the same time is fostering sustainable farming.

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